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18 Jul 2012

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Review

 Elizabeth Arden's 'Sunflowers' has got to be one of the greatest perfumes ever created for (wo)mankind. Recently, I've become really interested in perfumes and fragrances, and anytime I pop into The Body Shop or The Perfume Shop, (or any other shop that has fragrances), I've been sampling the smellies, as I'm on the lookout for some new faves. 

 My cousin introduced me to ‘Sunflowers’, and ever since then it's literally never left my side. It's a great day scent, as it’s not too strong and in your face (or should that be in your nose?). You will need to respray this throughout the day, as it does tend to wear off quite easily. It smells so lush, and at £10 for 100 ml you can't really go wrong, can ya?
Fragrance Facts
Base Notes: Amber, Cedar, Moss, Musk and Sandalwood
Heart Notes: Cyclamen, Iris Root, Osmanthus, Pure Jasmine, and Rose
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Melon, Orange Blossom, Peach, and Rosewood

Price- (5/5) The price is super affordable at £10 for 100 ml
Smell- (4/5) Although it’s floral, the perfume smells like citrus fruits and jasmine. It also has a musky undertone to it, which I love, as I’m a big fan of musky scents.
Feel- (5/5) The fragrance definitely has a classy, elegant, and feminine chicness to it.

Cons ?
Durability- (2/5) It does not have the best lasting power, so you will deffo have to reapply this during the day.
Overall rating- (4/5)
Would I repurchase? Hell, yes!!!

Where can you buy one? It’s cheapest to get this online. I bought mine from Fragrance Direct, and because it was lidless and without a box, I got it for £7.99. BARGAIN!!!

I’d recommend you get yours from there too. Here’s a link to their website:

What is your fave cheap and cheerful fragrance? Let me know, in the comments section below.
Until next time dolls, stay blessed and beautiful xoxo

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