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29 Aug 2012

Everyone Loves A Freebie

 I normally say I hate surprises but that's not really true. I hate unpleasant surprises, but then again who exactly likes unpleasant surprises? I do love being pleasantly surprised though, which is exactly what happened when I opened my ASOS magazine pack this month/ today. 
Aside from my magazine and the usual junk mail, I didn't actually expect to find anything else in the packet, and when I felt a mysterious object hidden in my pack, I just assumed it was a pen, as this seems to be the norm with these magazine/ catalogue type things. Why do they always give out pens, anyway? Is it because they know that in my house, the pens always play hide 'n' seek with me despite the fact that the pens know I'm not a fan of the game, especially as they are always hiding and although I seek, I never seem to find? Probably not. I imagine they want you to use the pen to circle all the things you'd like to buy. 
 I guess you're wondering what the the mystery object in my pack was. It wa-as *drumroll please* a full size Galaxy Smooth Milk bar, 46g all to myself.
 To be honest, I shouldn't really eat it, as I am meant to be on a diet, but a) it's bad manners to not make full use of presents, right? b) you only live once and life's too short to deny yourself the odd treat every once in a while, and c) well I don't really have a (c) but does the fact that I just want to eat it count? P.S. In case you're wondering where the pic of my Galaxy bar is, I can no longer provide one, as I've eaten it now and the wrapper's in the bin ;)
What's been your best magazine freebie ever? Tell me the name of the magazine and what the freebie was below. As always stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo


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