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16 Aug 2012

I Passed My Theory Test / BOTM

Hello my lovelies,
I've been a bad blogger. I haven't blogged in a while, reason being I don't have access to a regular source of internet. Please bear with me. I am tryna get it sorted. 
 My BOTM (Book Of The Month) has to be 'The OFFICIAL DSA THEORY TEST for Car Drivers and the Official Highway Code' book. I have been reading and re-reading this book for what feels like the longest time EVER.
 I had my Car Theory Test yesterday, and I  passed. WOOP WOOP!!! I got 47/50 for the multiple choice part (FYI you need 43 to pass) and 45/75 for the hazard perception part (FYI you need 44 to pass, so I just scraped it). The test was not half as bad as I thought it would be.  
 The multiple choice part is relatively easy providing you have revised. There were some questions on there I hadn't even heard off, but you can normally work out the answer by using the process of elimination. When I was revising at home, the thing that I found most problematic was the hazard perception. I just couldn't seem to spot the hazards (either at all or quickly enough). I was scoring between 0-3 (out of 5), and it was not looking very promising. 
 On the day of my test, I woke up extra early to watch another run-through of 'The OFFICIAL DSA GUIDE to HAZARD PERCEPTION' disc, and skim read the theory test book. 
 I have to say that this book alongside other revision aids, has really helped me to consolidate that all important information. 
 If anyone would like a Tips & Tricks post on 'How To Pass Your Car Theory Test', then just say the word, and I'll be more than happy to do one for you. 
 P.S. Today is results day. Some of you are going to be over the moon, and others of you may not be so happy. Whatever your results, know that everything happens for a reason, and even if you didn't do as well as you hoped you would have, it really is NOT the end of the world. You can either wallow in self-pity or do something about it. I suggest you do something, and do it fast. If it's clearing, start contacting the university admission departments ASAP, to find out if there are any available places. The sooner you can do this, the better. If you're deferring your entry, make sure your gap year is well planned. Gap years are only attractive when you plan them properly, that way they are actually conducive to your education, and it doesn't look like you were just lazing about for the whole year. Soooo not a good look. Trust me. As always stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo
 If anyone has any revision tips feel free to share them below. For all those still awaiting results: Good Luck!!!

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