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4 Aug 2012

Is chivalry dead?

  Chivalry. It brings to mind the picture of a knight, which is probably how and where the idea of a knight-in-shining-armour was formed. It’s defined as the act of being courteous and gallant towards women, however, nowadays this has been extended to both genders, so now includes women being courteous to men also.

  In the show, “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”, we got an insight into the lives of Irish gypsies. We also got to see some of their courting rituals, some of them albeit more controversial than others. The one that shocked the nation the most, and got people taking to Twitter and online forums, to vent their anger was “grabbing”. Grabbing is when a boy shows a girl he is interested in her by trying to kiss her. The boy can use force and grab her where necessary, hence the name grabbing.

 Why, we were so shocked as to the violence displayed here, one can only wonder, as nowadays we have guys approaching girls with verbal abuse of equal measure. Some, have taken to hurling profanities and obscenities, whilst others have used the more flattering lines such as “ Yo, my size”, or “Oi you. Yeah you, Can I have your number?”. Yes, it appears that chivalry has most certainly had a transformation from its humble fairytale beginnings.
  In Little Red Riding Hood, a male woodcutter saved her from the jaws of the wicked wolf; likewise Sleeping Beauty was brought back to life by the kiss of her Prince Charming. The common denominators in these fairytales, are that the men rescued their damsels from distress, and from the clutches of death.

 Whilst, no woman is asking for a man to save her life, what they are dying to see is some of the good old traditions of romance and chivalry are still maintained in today’s society.

 There are a range of reasons as to why chivalry is no longer what it once was. With the evolution of technology, the days of personal hand-written letters are long gone. As opposed to sending loved one letters, we might just send an email today instead. Secondly, society has become more individualistic and self absorbed. We no longer care about others as much as we do ourselves.

Do you think chivalry is dead or has it been reinvented? Leave your comments below.

As always stay blessed and beautiful xoxo



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  2. I don't think its dead perhaps rare?

    NRC ♥


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