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8 Aug 2012

Zara Shopper Basket Review

  The Zara Shopper has become the latest must-have fashion accessory. The brown one (the one I have), seems to be the most popular. The ultimate in arm-candy, you'll now find this bag in the crease of many girl's arms. It seems everywhere I go, I now see this bag or at least a variation of it, somewhere somehow. I must admit, that it's a tad annoying now. When only a few people had it, I did feel as though I belonged to an exclusive members-only club, now that it seems the whole world and his mother have it, it's a tad off-putting.
 Having said that I do love this bag. Well I have a love-hate relationship with it. I like the size, it's very big, and you could fit A4 sized folders in the bag with ease, or whatever you'd fancy. Having said that, due to its short straps, you have to either put it in the crease of your arm or hold it by the handles. So bear that in mind, when packing, as although it's big enough to contain lots of items, when it's heavy, it does becomes impractical to carry. The long detachable strap (handle) it comes with seems to perform an aesthetic function rather than a useful one, which is rather silly. I also don't like the fact, when fully zipped, some gaps remain visible. I wish this bag came with longer arm straps, so I could hook it on my shoulder if the need arose and zipped up properly without the gaps, but hey-ho you win some, you lose some.

 Some Info:

Size: 5/5
Practicality: 3/5
Colours: Brown, Black, Nude, Two-Tone
Price: At 39.99 it's reasonably priced for a bag of such quality
Features: 1 x large interior pocket, 2 x small interior pockets
Materials: Polyurethane (Outer)
50% Jute + 50% Cotton (Inner)

FYI: Nude is Cream, and Brown is Tan. Two-Tone is available in two options; either Nude/ Orange/Red or Burgundy/Black
Final thoughts:

All in all it's a great bag, and due to it's style and look, it does have an air of elegance about it, which is transferred to the wearer, upon use. As it's plain and in a neutral colour, it does complement all outfits, and you will receive many compliments when this is on your arm.

Where can you buy one from?

I bought mine online and collected it from the Zara Oxford St. store. To order it online, click this link:

http://tinyurl.com/dyxoa5s (Black, Brown, Two-Tone Nude/Orange/Red)

http://tinyurl.com/cpuw5bu (Two-Tone Burgundy/Black, Nude)

What's your favourite Zara Shopper Bag, Black, Brown, Nude or Two-Tone? Let me know below.
As always stay blessed and beautiful xoxo


  1. I love this bag! But yeh its true , everyone has it! Booooo x

  2. You have it too? Lol! Snap. Exactly (n) x

  3. I like the bags so much:-)




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