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18 Mar 2013

High Street Haul: Part 1: Primark & Debenhams

Recently, I've been broke as hell, and am actually not supposed to be shopping, because let's be honest, I'm not so great at window shopping. I'll literally be like to myself: "Louise, your budget is £50 MAX". And then I'll see this, and then I'll see that, and suddenly I'm walking out of the shop with £100 worth of goodies.  Epic Fail.
 When there's a sale going on though, you just can't help yourself. I swear I can literally hear the items calling my name. And when there's a really good sale, you kinda feel like it'd be rude of you to let such a good opportunity pass you buy. Right, ladies?
 Without further ado, here's what I got on my travels....

1) Madam Rage Navy Floral Slouch Dress, Debenhams, £5 (was £7, £25)
2)Hot Pink Faux Suede Heel Boots/ Ankle Heels, Primark, £6 was £12-14
3) Nude Faux Snakeskin Heels, Primark, £3, was £12
4) Wallis Pyramid Studs, Debenhams, £2 (was £2.25, £4.50)
5) Wallis Moondust Black Silver Studs,  Debenhams, £1 (was £2, £4)
6) Wallis Rope Bracelet, Debenhams, £2 was £6
7) Blue Crew Neck Jumper, Primark, £7 was £12
8) Green Pocket Jumper, Primark, £7 was £11/12
9) Orange/Grey Print Jumper, Primark, £5 was £12
10) Grey Paisley Jumper, Primark, £5 was £12

Stockist Information:
1) Debenhams in store or New Look online
2, 3, 7, 8, 9 & 10) Primark store. Use the store locator to find your nearest one
4, 5, 6) Wallis jewellery is only available from select Debenhams stores. Click here to see which stores they are. Upon perusal, of the Wallis site, they don't have the exact pieces, but they do have similar pieces.

Look out for Part 2 in the High Street Haul Series, where I'll show you how I styled an OOTD using Item No. 8.

Hope you've found this post helpful and informative. If you've been sale hauling, what bargains did you manage to pick up? Care to share??
As always, until next time, stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo


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