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24 Jun 2013

Sandra Webb Hair Salon Review

 At some point in almost every black girl's life they have had a bad hairdressing experience- it is almost as if it is some type of rite passage for us. I've visited numerous hairdressers in my time,  some have been good, others were bad, some told me they were qualified -yet the state of my hair after a visit left me questioning the truth in such a statement.
 Going to the hairdressers can be a costly experience, and my old approach was to go to a mediocre hairdresser which was affordable (cheap) and when I got older go to a better salon that was more expensive.
 After doing my research, and upon the recommendation from Patricia (aka Britpopprincess)  I decided to pay Sandra Webb Hair & Beauty a visit. Sandra has won numerous hairdressing awards individually and as part of her team, some of which include the Afro Hair and Beauty Awards: Styling Team of the Year and Southern Stylist of the Year. With a successful track record I felt very happy to be in such good hands, and decided to pay Sandra a visit.
 I booked an appointment with the receptionist (upon arrival at the salon I realise I may have spoken to an apprentice) who was polite to begin with until I started asking about prices for alternative services. I got the feeling she was quite in a hurry to get me off the phone, so when I decided to change the services I wanted, I decided to email Sandra (the manager/salon owner) instead, to avoid speaking to her again. Me and Sandra exchanged several emails, and she was always polite and super quick with her responses, so kudos to Sandra for that.

 D-Day arrived and as I was the first customer, and early for my appointment, the salon was closed when I arrived. I spent my time talking to two friendly girls, (one of whom was called Florence), and another whose name I can't remember, who informed me that they worked at the salon. When Sandra arrived she greeted and spoke to the apprentices but ignored me. Upon entering the salon, I still hadn't been greeted, so decided to sit on a sofa rather than standing around awkwardly.  Whilst sitting on the sofa I began to wonder, if/when Sandra was going to acknowledge me. Sandra seemed to be more interested in putting music on and uploading the computer, so in the end I decided to introduce myself: "Hi, my name's Louise, the girl that was emailing you". Her response was something along the lines of: "Hello. Oh I guessed. I was just going to load the computer so we can get the ball rolling". I'm not quite sure why Sandra felt she had to switch on the computer and wait for it to load before I was greeted, but I'm sure in her world it made perfect sense.
 FYI, I booked a relaxer, treatment, and trim. Before Sandra began relaxing my hair, my hair was prepped, i.e. based by my salon apprentice Florence. Florence used some sort of liquid base which in a clear container so I can't give you the name. She parted my hair into small sections and based each section thoroughly. Florence was of a very friendly disposition and as we were quite similar in age we chatted loads. Florence noticed that I had scabs on my head, (from a previous perm) and said I should mention them to Sandra.
Sandra was surprised to see that I had brought my own relaxer with me and I have since found out that most good (upmarket) hairdressers include the cost of the relaxer in their fees.  I warned Sandra that I had a sensitive scalp and she told me that she was very quick with her application so I needn't worry as I was in safe hands. I informed Sandra when I felt my first 'tingles'. At which point, she informed me that as she hadn't put any relaxer directly on my scalp, this could not possibly be the case. Considering I had informed her that I had burns from a previous relaxer on my scalp, I would have thought this was to be expected. Sandra however, decided to show the apprentice that my scalp did not have any product on it, yet I was complaining of burns, and said I was imagining them. The poor girl torn between loyalties of pleasing her boss and angering the customer gave an awkward smile/laugh. I declined to comment.
 Overall, my experience was an interesting one but not entirely pleasant. My hair looked and felt really good, and I could tell from the way Sandra handled my hair, that she has had a lot of experience in dealing with Afro-Carribean hair, especially with regards to hair care and styling. However, I think her professionalism (at one point she showed me how good her La Senza underwear was by "flashing" me and her staff) and customer service skills leave a lot to be desired.

**UPDATE** By the time I got home from the salon my scalp was itching and hasn't stopped since. I'm trying to work out what could have caused this, as I'm sure that one (or more) of the products used in the salon does not agree with my scalp. I know Mizani Shampoo (and/or) Conditioner was/were used on my hair as was Syntonics Herbal Conditioning Hairdress (which I've never used before), but I'm not sure what else was used on my hair.

Less than 2 weeks after my initial visit, I decided to wash my hair and the itching has since stopped. Might I add, at one point when Sandra was washing my hair I thought it was quite a quick wash, so think some product was left in my hair from one of the washes, hence the constant itching. I'm so relieved it's finally gone now though, because that was crazy!

Location: 5/5 -Situated 2 minutes away from Clapham Common Tube station.
Accessibility: 5/5 -Buses/Tube available
Customer Service: 3.5 It was not the best I've received, and it was not the worst.
Price: 4/5 I paid £69.01 (I'm not sure what the 1p was for) for a Relaxer, Mositure & Protein Treatment, Straighten, and Trim. I received a 25% student discount as it was my first time, however if you're a student you can receive a recurring 25% off, if you show a valid NUS card. Here's a more detailed price list.
Awareness/ Product Knowledge: 5/5
Decor: 5/5
Salon Size: Medium
Overall rating: 2/5

 Would I go back again? Probably not, (and if I did, Sandra would not be doing my hair)

As always until next time, stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo

18 Jun 2013

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Baby 'Kimye' is Here!!!

Kim Kardashian has finally dropped, and she and Kanye are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, whom she gave birth to last Sunday at Cedars Sinai Hospital, LA.

My correspondents in Rumoursville tell me that the baby looks just like its mother and has the same dark locks as Kim.

At the moment, very little information is being released about the baby. The official name of the baby has been withheld, (looks like it'll have to be Kimye until further notice) as have any pictures. The couple may have decided to sell their baby's first pictures to a magazine in which case they would not be allowed to release any pictures until a later date.

We can expect the baby not to be rocking any pieces from  Mothercare or Target as Kanye has previously said his baby will only be wearing tailored, handmade or personalised pieces.

Many stars have used social media sites to congratulate Kim & Kanye. Beyonce took to Tumblr, however Russell Simmons, Nasir Jones, Bethenny Frankel and Khloe Kardashian tweeted their well wishes.

Khloe took to Twitter to update fans who were eagerly awaiting for more news about the latest addition to the Kardashian brood.

It would appear that the pregnancy has been a hard one for Kim, and she has been recalled saying: "I have been in (so much) pain".

I am sure she is happy that her little bundle of joy arrived safe and sound despite earlier complications.

Baby Kimye's cousins Nelly (Penelope Disick) and Mason (Disick) will be over the moon as they now have a new playmate.

*Copyright: Google, Beyonce (Tumblr), and Khloe Kardashian (Twitter)

As always, until next time, stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo

10 Jun 2013

Everyone Loves A Freebie: G. Armani Foundation Giveaway

Hi Dolls,
I don't know if you've had the chance to pree my Wishlist but if you have, you'll have seen that I have a lot of items on my wishlist, and the list is evergrowing. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation has been on my Wishlist for a while now, so imagine my delight when I found out Giorgio Armani was given away free sample testers.
EXCITED does not even do justice to the emotion I am feeling right now. I am beyond excited, especially as not only is Giorgio Armani giving away a sample of their Luminous Silk Foundation but also their Fluid Sheer Foundation.
If you want to claim your complimentary trial samples, then all you'll need to do is like Giorgio Armani's Facebook page, fill in a simple form (which will literally take you 30 seconds) and then you'll be given a voucher to take to your nearest Giorgio Armani stockist where you can claim your freebies.
I've already got my voucher for the foundation,  so what are you waiting for?
P.S. The deadline for this giveaway is Sunday 30th June 2013.

As always until next time, stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo


4 Jun 2013

Those are a few of my favourite things... Aldi & New Look

  Remember, when I said I was on a mission to find some really good facial skincare products?
 Well I think I’ve actually found ‘em. “Hello, my name’s Louise Daniels and I’m a Simple Skincare Addict”.
 I’m currently using the ‘Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion’ in conjunction with the 'Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes', as I’ve run out of the toner because I’ve used it all up. I shall do a review of the range soon :)
 Aldi is the nearest supermarket to my halls. It’s literally less than a minute away, which is so handy, as I’m very lazy :P Whenever I go to Aldi I always pick up an Apple Strudel from their brand ‘Heavenly Desserts’ which I tuck into with Ambrosia’s Devon Custard (which I get from Sainsbury’s). I literally have this dessert twice a week-it’s so yummy- and only costs £2.49.
 I used to have an unhealthy addiction to Coke of the liquid variety, mind) but I’m much better now and only have Coke once in a while, as these days Coke gives me gas and hiccups :( It’s still one of my favourite drinks though.
 My mum brought home this granulated lemon tea once, and it was sooo nice. It's from Lidl and can be drank hot or cold. I normally have it hot, and it’s just the best. Accompanied with dry toast, it makes the perfect hangover cure. 

New Look is fast becoming my favourite place to shop. Their really affordable, and their sales are amazing. The pics below show purchases I’ve made either in-store or online.

I really like the striped polo neck sleeveless dress, as it’s not really something I’d usually go for, but it looks really good on. It has an air of casual chic about it, and I think it would look great teamed with the stone coloured trench or burgundy blazer, tights (optional) and flats (try a brogue or some leather slippers).

 I picked up some other dresses from there aswell, but this one is my fave, and is the most worn. As I type this post, I'm currently wearing it :)

I also picked up some jewellery:
Skull + Crosses bracelet £1, was £2, £4
Untagged rings £2 each
Pointed Oval Ring £2, was £4
Hexagonal cut out earrings £1.25, was £4.50

I can't believe I got myself a bracelet with crosses and skulls on it. I normally hate anything with skulls on it, whether that be jewellery or clothing, but I really liked this bracelet for some reason. And as for crosses, I don't understand why recently they've become a fashion accessory, and half the people rocking them are not even Christian. It drives me up the wall.

Here's a close up of the bracelet. It is a beaut right?

What are your favourite things that you've been loving this month?

As always, until next time stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo

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