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4 Jun 2013

Those are a few of my favourite things... Aldi & New Look

  Remember, when I said I was on a mission to find some really good facial skincare products?
 Well I think I’ve actually found ‘em. “Hello, my name’s Louise Daniels and I’m a Simple Skincare Addict”.
 I’m currently using the ‘Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion’ in conjunction with the 'Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes', as I’ve run out of the toner because I’ve used it all up. I shall do a review of the range soon :)
 Aldi is the nearest supermarket to my halls. It’s literally less than a minute away, which is so handy, as I’m very lazy :P Whenever I go to Aldi I always pick up an Apple Strudel from their brand ‘Heavenly Desserts’ which I tuck into with Ambrosia’s Devon Custard (which I get from Sainsbury’s). I literally have this dessert twice a week-it’s so yummy- and only costs £2.49.
 I used to have an unhealthy addiction to Coke of the liquid variety, mind) but I’m much better now and only have Coke once in a while, as these days Coke gives me gas and hiccups :( It’s still one of my favourite drinks though.
 My mum brought home this granulated lemon tea once, and it was sooo nice. It's from Lidl and can be drank hot or cold. I normally have it hot, and it’s just the best. Accompanied with dry toast, it makes the perfect hangover cure. 

New Look is fast becoming my favourite place to shop. Their really affordable, and their sales are amazing. The pics below show purchases I’ve made either in-store or online.

I really like the striped polo neck sleeveless dress, as it’s not really something I’d usually go for, but it looks really good on. It has an air of casual chic about it, and I think it would look great teamed with the stone coloured trench or burgundy blazer, tights (optional) and flats (try a brogue or some leather slippers).

 I picked up some other dresses from there aswell, but this one is my fave, and is the most worn. As I type this post, I'm currently wearing it :)

I also picked up some jewellery:
Skull + Crosses bracelet £1, was £2, £4
Untagged rings £2 each
Pointed Oval Ring £2, was £4
Hexagonal cut out earrings £1.25, was £4.50

I can't believe I got myself a bracelet with crosses and skulls on it. I normally hate anything with skulls on it, whether that be jewellery or clothing, but I really liked this bracelet for some reason. And as for crosses, I don't understand why recently they've become a fashion accessory, and half the people rocking them are not even Christian. It drives me up the wall.

Here's a close up of the bracelet. It is a beaut right?

What are your favourite things that you've been loving this month?

As always, until next time stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo



  1. Hi Louise,

    Absolutely love your blog!! Have really enjoyed reading through many of your posts this morning.

    My blog is still a baby in the blogging world, so I would really appreciate it if you had a minute to visit and give me some feedback!


    Happy new follower,

    Emily xxx

  2. Hi Emily,
    Just visited your blog, I absolutely love it and have subbed. Can't wait to read your next post xoxo


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