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17 Jul 2013

Big Brother 16th July 2013 Synopsis

Hey Dolls,

Just wanted you guys to be the first people to know that I'm going to be a TV Writer Intern for Entertainment Wise. Fun times, eh?

Here's a sample post I did about last night's Big Brother. Do let me know what y'all think:
In today’s task, Big Brother asked safe housemates (Hazel and Daley) to interview their fellow housemates, so that they could gain a better insight into their characters. Hazel and Daley were given fact files about the other contestants, from which they were allowed to draw the inspiration, for their interview questions.
The results of the interview were very entertaining, most especially when Jo and Jack were interviewed. When asked by Daley, who he had bitched about most, Jack’ s list was never-ending: “I have bitched about Charlie. I have bitched about Callum, bitched about Dexter, I have bitched about Gina." At which point all of us at home were left wondering exactly who he hadn't bitched about. Definitely a comic moment! 
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The best moment came when Hazel asked Gina: “Who do you dislike most in the house?” 
To which Gina replied: “Hmmm… Hazel, Hazel, Hazel”, whilst laughing. 
You've gotta love Gina's bluntness. No brownie points for guessing who Gina couldn’t wait so see leave the house? All together now “HA-ZEL."
The most random moment was when Charlie and Callum had a dinner date (if you consider pancakes to be dinner, that is), which was organised at the request of Hazel and Daley.  Charlie left a sour taste in Callum’s mouth when she told him, she’d nominated him for eviction last week. That's one way to make someone lose their appetite. Perhaps to make it up to Callum, you can tell him that you do like him Charlie?
We all know what men are like with their egos; they need a bit of stroking every once in a while. As the saying goes: "The way to a man's heart is not through his stomach, but through his ego".  Charlie opted to make matters worse instead, by telling Callum she didn't like or trust him. Callum clearly found the news hard to digest, although he tried to put his joker “I’m not bothered or affected” face on. You may be fooling yourself Callum, but you definitely ain't fooling us!
Poor Callum. All he wanted was a pancake! Something tells me Callum won't be eating pancakes for a while.

Today’s episode was a really eye-opener. Facades were broken, and people’s true colours were revealed.

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