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9 Jul 2013

Hiikuss Hair Studio Salon Review

Hi Dolls,
Last Friday, I paid Hiikuss Hair Studio a visit. I’ve visited Hiikuss Hair Studio before, but it was quite a while back (almost 2 years ago I believe). Hiikuss uses a salon hierarchal system, in that the type of stylist that does your hair, determines the price of your hairstyle. They have a three-tier system, with the most junior staff member being a graduate stylist, the next one up from that is a stylist, and the highest staff member is a senior stylist. 
 I booked a hair appointment with a rude receptionist- what's with it with salon receptionists these days, are they always rude or am I just unlucky? When I walked in, I introduced myself to a receptionist (this one was male, so obviously not the rude one I spoke to on the phone) and was told to take a seat. 
 My stylist arrived within a minute, and greeted me with a curt hello, hence I gathered she'd be doing my hair. She did not introduce herself to me by name or do anything of that nature- I had to ask her what her name was. It's Teza by the way. After greeting me, she asked me: "So what are you having done today? I told her I'd be having my hair wash and styled. I'm not quite sure why she wasn't briefed in advance as to what services I required, and think the staff should definitely communicate more with each other, as I don't really feel I should have to explain what I want done, when I've booked beforehand.

 Moving on, Teza proceeded to wash and condition my hair. The sink basins face the front doors of the salon, and as the front doors of the salon are transparent, when your hair's getting washed you're in full view of the public. This might not be a problem for some, but I'm not really a fan of people watching me get my hair done, so I didn't really like it. However, this is purely a preference thing, & some people might not be bothered by such factors, however, I just thought I'd put it out there. 
Teza used Kera Care Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and Kera Care Humecto Creme Conditioner on my hair. She washed my hair twice, which I thought was interesting, as I normally wash my hair 3 times before it's clean. After proceeding to blowdry my hair, she said my hair needed further rinsing. When we went to back to the basin, it turns out my hair needed further washing, as she started washing it again. I was very happy that she decided to re-wash my hair, as some stylists may notice your hair hasn't been washed properly and proceed to style it anyway. After the final wash, she checked through each section of my hair thoroughly, making sure she had washed the hair properly, which I was extremely happy with.

Side Pic- #Hiikuss Hair

Prior to blowdrying my hair she based my scalp with Kera Care Glossifier Lustre Laque (Dry & Itchy Scalp) and sprayed Silvertree Body & Thairapy Morocco Argan Oil on the hair. When blowdrying my hair she used a concentrator nozzle and a paddle brush in order to minimise heat damage and maximise hair protection. I don't recall Teza using a specific heat protector, but I don't think she needed to as the Moroccan Argan Oil can act as heat protectant.
 She then proceeded to style my hair. I opted for a centre parting but she forgot what I asked for so straightened my hair in the direction of a side parting, which I made her change later.
Final thoughts: There was quite a bit of product in my hair, but nothing too greasy or to the extent whereby my hair felt weighed down. 

After Salon Visit (2)

Stylist Picks
The stylist seemed very knowledgeable about her products and due to her recommendations and good sales pitch I left with Kera Care Glossifier Laque (£9.99 for 115g) and Kera Care Overnight Mositurizing Treatment (£6.50 for 110g), which is a very good price for both items. Kudos to Hiikuss for selling hair products in your store, it makes it so much easier for customers to get the hair products they need without the hassle.
Teza recommended Affirm Sensitive Scalp Relaxer as opposed to Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Index 2 (which is what I currently use for my hair). She said she felt the latter would by very drying on my hair, considering its texture. I’m not a fan of changing relaxers, but I may take her up on this at a later date.

Location: 5/5 -Situated 5 minutes away from Camberwell Green & right behind a bus stop.
Accessibility: 5/5 -Bus

Customer Service: 3.5/5 It was not the best I've received, and it was not the worst.
Price: 5/5 I paid £18 for a Wash, Straighten & Style. It's usually £20 but I got 10% off with my Student Discount. FYI you might wanna phone up to ask what the current student discount rate is, because I was quoted 20% on the phone, so I believe it fluctuates.

Here's a more detailed price list.
Awareness/ Product Knowledge: 5/5
Decor: 4.5/5
Salon Size: Medium

Overall rating: 3.5/5 

Would I go back- Yes (I'd get a senior stylist to do my hair though).

As always until next time stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo

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