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4 Jul 2013

Simple Skincare Review

 In a previous post of mine I mentioned that I had a newfound love for the Simple's 'Kind to Skin' Skincare range. Never one to go back on my word, here you are dolls :)
One of the things I love best about the Simple Skincare range is that they are brand which are true to their name. I can tell they really believe in simplicity and this is reflected throughout the brand's products, as the ingredients  in their range are very minimalistic. For all you anti-paraben warriors out there, just so you know their products do contain parabens :/

What I most like about the range is that it does what it says on the 'tin' and it doesn't cause my skin any problems. Having tried and tested various skincare brands, I've broken out, had my skin become itchy, irritated or rashy, but when I use Simple this does not happen.
 I normally use either the Purifying Cleansing Lotion or the Toner in one sitting, and rarely use the two together. This is how I've chosen to use their products, this is not what is recommended, but what I've found works best for me.  I don't tend to wear tonnes of makeup daily, so do not think I need to over-cleanse my face, and double-cleansing with the toner removes all traces of makeup.
 If you are looking for acne/spot preventative skin care solutions, then I would not say this is the brand for you, as although Simple skincare has not broken me out, I have broken out whilst using this product, so it obviously does not prevent spots etc. However, products containing Glycolic or Salicylic Acid are very good spot remedies.
 I also have tried the foaming cleanser, but this did not really go down that well with me, and is one of those #'Products That I Regret Buying. I found it drying, unpleasant and did not like how it felt on my face and will deffo not be repurchasing.
 I use the Replenishing Rich Moisturiser as it's got Allantoin which is very good for soothing and healing the skin and recommended for people with dry skin or eczema. Whilst I don't have eczema on my face, I do have dry skin and was really sold, when I saw the product had Allantoin on its ingredients list. Having said this, I'm not really into this moisturiser as I don't find it rich, replenishing or moisturising at all and as soon as I find a better moisturiser I'll bin this one.

Final thoughts:

Price-£2.99 (5/5) The cleansing lotion, toner and wipes retail for £3 each at most drugstores. Check out Superdrug, Sainsburys, Savers.

Smell (4/5) This product is fragrance-free so has a very subtle smell, which is not off-putting

Texture/Feel (4/5) The texture of both cleansers is liquidy, but the Cleansing Lotion is more rich and creamier than the Toner.

Overall rating (4/5)
I'm in love with this range and whist I can't say I'm a fan of the mosituriser or foaming wash I love the cleansers and wipes. The price range is mega affordable which is always a plus & feel I'm on to a winner.

As Simple says: "When your skin is happy and glowing you feel healthy and happier too".

As always, until next time, stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo



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