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25 Nov 2013

My 21st Birthday

Yesterday, it was my 21st birthday. This year I decided to celebrate my birthday the day before my ACTUAL birthday, as my actual birthday was on a Saturday and there's not much you can do on a Sunday, and I wanted to spend my actual birthday in my father's house.
I went to Chiquito's for dinner and then in the evening went to Penthouse which was really good. It was made even better by the fact that I got a free stamp, which enabled me to get free entry into the club. #FunTimes
Kim Kardashian Eat Your Heart Out #Contour&Highlighting
  I got my makeup done at MAC Brixton. I've never been to MAC Brixton to get my makeup done before, as I usually go to the one in Selfridges, (Oxford Street). I had my makeup done by MAC MUA Bumni. We had a bit of a problem with my eyebrows, as she had pencilled mine in really thickly and in a McDonald's M shape which was too awkward for words. After 3 failed attempts, I decided to concealer an outline of the shape I'd like my eyebrows to follow, which worked out perfectly in the end. My makeup was really good, especially in the eye department, however Bumni matched me to NC44 as she said the MAC Studio Tech foundations come up darker, however I feel a MAC NC45 foundation would have been better suited to my skin colour. I'm not sure if you can see it in the pic, but my face is a noticeably different colour to my face.
I didn't get to take much pics as my phone's bat was super low, but I've captured a few moments below:

The contents of my face

The Finished Look

Mocktails at Chiquitos
The customer service in Chiquito's Croydon was appalling. The staff were very ill-mannered and only few were helpful or nice :/

The Hummingbird Bakery's Famous Rainbow Cake
Although I spent a small fortune on my 21st, and planning the event was extremely stressful, and I didn't get to take any pics on the night as my phone's battery was half-dead, it was a joyous occastion and am happy that everything worked out well in the end!
I actually can't believe I'm 21, I feel so old haha :)

If you guys would like a full make-up product list to be added, do let me know via the comments section and I'll update this post accordingly :D 
As always until next time, stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo


  1. OMG I missed your birthday. Happy belated beautiful! You look absolutely stunning. Glad you had a lovely time : ) And that cake looks like heaven yummm..x

    1. Thanks Demi! *blushes* The cake was delicious- very sweet, but scrumptious all the same. I dunno if you pree'd the bloggers group, but me, Myra and Janine wanna go to some bloggers events this month. ManiaMia is having one on the 18th and Selfridges is having an event on the 21st, if you're free on either of those days do let us know xx


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