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19 Nov 2013

Quote of The Week: When Life Gives You A Lemon...

'When Life Gives You A Lemon, Make A Lemonade' 

On this day, two weeks ago, I was having a very bad Tuesday. Granted we all have bad days every once in a while, but this was pretty up there in terms of bad days for me. You know when one thing goes wrong, then another and then another, and then you just feel like, do you know what I don't even think I wanna do this anymore? Yeah that! That was me like 2 weeks ago! Previously, I had managed to secure a one week work experience at Bournemouth’s local Christian radio station ‘Hope FM', so excitedly booked a coach ticket to Bournemouth.
Rather ironically I watched Patricia Bright's video: 'Tips For Dealing With Disappointment' in the early hours of the morning, not knowing or appreciating the significance or impact her words would have later on in my day.
Unfortunately I missed my first coach, so had to book another ticket for 12pm on Monday, which I then ended up missing because I mixed up my coach times. I then tried to amend my ticket, but was told that as my 12pm coach ticket was a fanfare (discounted) ticket it was non-refundable, and amending my ticket would be a pointless venture, as the price it would cost to do that would be more than the cost of a new ticket. So feeling very irked I purchased another coach ticket, and my new departure time was 1pm.  Having arrived at Victoria Coach Station with 10 minutes to spare, I managed to get lost, and by the time I arrived at my departure gate, I saw my coach just leaving. So again I had to amend my ticket for an additional cost of £5, which meant that the cumulative cost of three tickets were practically the same price as a train ticket! Considering, I was supposed to be saving money, I was not too pleased. When amending my tickets, I was told that the 3pm coach was full, and would have to wait until the 4.30pm coach before my journey could begin.
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At this point I was beyond angry, and just felt like if I ended up missing another coach, I'd just go home as I was just not in the mood anymore. I was so angry that I wanted to cry, scream, vent... y'name it! I wanted to cry not because I was upset or sad, but y'know when you're just too frustrated that all you actually wanna do is cry. I couldn't even vent about it to anyone as my phone's battery was really low, and I needed to save it, so I could let my friend Steph know when I'd finally arrived (as she was picking me up). After wallowing in my misery for a minute or two, I decided I didn't wanna be stressed anymore, and was going to see the silver lining in my cloudy day. After all, what would being stressed and annoyed solve? It wouldn't enable me to time-travel, so I could have got my first initial coach. Nor would it help me with the 2.5 hour wait that I had to endure whilst waiting for my next coach. IF anything, it would just wind me up further, and trust me I didn't need any more winding up.
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And d'you wanna know the funniest thing, when I decided to actually let go of the anger and annoyance, I actually didn't think it was such a BIG DEAL and I felt so much better. I immediately felt less stressed and relieved, and did not feel angry at all!
Why? OK yes, I had missed three coaches, yes I had an additional 2.5 hour wait until my next coach, and yes my phone was about to die at any given second, BUT, I was still going to Bournemouth, I'd still get the chance to do my placement, I'd still get to see my old friends, I was still living and breathing, so why die and cry about something I was powerless to change? Why not just let it be?
So that's exactly what I did!
What did this experience teach me? Sometimes the going gets tough, but when the going gets tough, you've just gotta get that little bit more resillient. So, life decided to throw some lemons into my jug of life, well I decided to turn those lemons into a lemonade.

In the comments section below finish this phrase for me: "When life gives me a lemon..."  

As always until next time, stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo

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