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7 Feb 2014

Happy Belated Birthday Rosa Parks #BlackFriday

On Tuesday 4th February, it was the late Rosa Parks' birthday- had she still been alive she'd have been 101 years old! I'm sure y'all remember the story of Rosa Parks, but just in case you'd forgotten, here's the long story shortened. Before we begin I'd like to debunk a popular myth often associated with this story, which is the fact that Rosa Parks was tired on her way back from work, which is why she refused to give up her seat. This is not true, in fact, Rosa Parks writes in her biography: "Rosa Parks: My Story" that the 'only tired (she) was, was tired of giving in.'
In 1950s Alabama the buses were split into two sections, with the front section being for White people and the back section being reserved for Black people. If the 'White' section of the bus was to become full and more white passengers boarded the bus, then seats would be taken from the black section closest to the front of the bus, mostly the middle, so that the White people would be able to sit.
 Back to the story, Rosa Parks, a seamstress, was on her way back from work one evening, when she boarded a bus and decided to sit in the front row of seats designated for black people. When a white male passenger came on the bus, he asked Rosa Parks to give her seat to him, and she refused, so was promptly arrested.

 Rosa was not the first black female to refuse to give up her seat for a white passenger; there were many others who also refused to give up their seats, however she is the one who is most famous for doing so! This action, which she might have not thought twice about, was a major catalyst in the movement towards achieving racial equality in America, and sparked 'The Montgomery Bus Boycott' (which amounted to almost 50,000 Blacks refusing to use buses for just over a year) in Montogomery. The boycott lasted from 1st December 1955 until 20th December 1956, after which point the ban for racial integregation on buses was lifted, and black people were given the freedom to sit wherever they chose on buses.
Rosa Parks has received many awards during her lifetime, inluding very prestigious awards such as the Congressional Gold Medal and the Springarn Medal, which is the NAACP's highest award. Rest in Peace Rosa- you may be gone but your legacy still lives on! Thank You Rosa!
As always until next time, stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo

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