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30 Apr 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

Hi Dolls,

 I succumbed to peer pressure from the blogging/vlogging community and finally bought myself the brush set that everyone's been raving about.
 I am now the proud owner of the Real Techniques Core Collection Kit, made by the lovely Samantha Chapman, a fellow beauty bl/vlogger. Samantha has made a video showing you all the ways you can use your brush set, which means the brush set accommodates all, from the beauty newbies to the beauty-pros.
 I'd had my eye on the set for ages but it was £20.99 £21 everywhere, and I thought I'd snap it up, when it was cheaper.
 And snap it up I did. I remember seeing it when it has been reduced to £15.24 and adding it to my Amazon wishlist, and by the time I had enough money for it, it had gone. Boy was I devastated! I got mine (ages ago), when I saw it had gone down to £14.66, and this time I didn't bother putting it into my wishlist like last time, I just bought it straight away. As I had an Amazon gift voucher, I got a further discount and ended up only paying £13.93 for the whole set.
 Talk about bargain. This set is supposedly worth it's weight in gold because the buffing brush is meant to be A-MAZING!!!
 The set features:
  • Buffing Brush
  • Contour Brush
  • Detailer Brush
  • Pointed Foundation Brush
  • Panoramic Case  (which also doubles up as a stand)
If you'd like to cop yourself a kit, try Amazon, it's currently only £14.65.
Have any of you tried any of the Real Techniques? If so, how did they fare?
Has anyone else managed to find some bargain-licious brush sets? Do let me know, in the comments section below.

That's all for now m'lovelies. Until next time, as always stay blessed and beautiful dolls xoxo

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