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28 May 2014

New Hair #LAM

Recently I got my hair cut, not just a measly little trim mind, like a proper, full on cut. When I went to the salon I knew I wouldn't be walking back out with same head of hair, but I think I underestimated how much would actually be coming off. You can't see how long my hair is in this pic, because the ends are quite curly, but it was about 12 inches long, and some bits were 13-14 inches.

I was quite sad to see my locks come off but I've been reminding myself that hair grows, and healthy hair grows fastest. It was hanging unto all my dead hair that got me here in the first place. Before I got my hair cut, the ends of my hair were so dry that neither oil or cream made any difference. I'm super in love with my new fringe, it's giving me so much life.
After my hair cut
Freshly Relaxed and Straightened

What will your summer hairstyle be? What are your hair care tips for the ends? Do you prefer me with short/long hair?

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