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17 Jun 2014

#TestimonyTuesday Cornelius Lindsey

#TestimonyTuesday is your chance to share what God has done in your life or the lives of your family/friends. I hope to make this a monthly ongoing feature.
Recently, I came across a blog post by Cornelius Lindsey entitled: "Why I Was Afraid To Become A Husband And A Father." Throughout the post Cornelius describes his fears and anxieties with regards to assuming the role of husband and father. He also talks about the self-esteem issues he has battled with. I really enjoyed the post, it was interesting to see how much he has grown as a person in his walk with God, and was such an endearing post to write, as it was so personal. I have spoken about the Lindseys before on this blog, but for those of you who are unaware who the Lindseys are then read below :)
Copyright: Heather L. & Cornelius Lindsey
Cornelius Lindsey is a Pastor and Founder of 'The Gathering Oasis Chuch' which is in Atlanta. He has written many books, as has his wife Heather Lindsey. Heather Lindsey is a Christian vlogger, blogger, motivational and inspirational speaker who founded the Pinky Promise Movement (PPM). The PPM is a non-profit organisations that encourages young sisters in Christ to come together and honour God with their life and bodies, by abstaining from pre-marital sex, and remaining pure.
If you'd like to see his post, please check out his blog

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