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26 Dec 2014

5 Things You Should Never Say To A Black Girl!

So today's post is a tad humorous, however there is an element of the truth stuck in there for good measure. A laced joke, if you will? Some of the statements below have been said to me directly, indirectly, or my friends/family, or about Black people on social media.

Source: Instagram & Google
  1. Is that your natural hair?
  2. Why don't you do something with your hair?
  3. When I see you don't look Black (or Ghanaian, Nigerian, Jamaican etc.)?
  4. Why don't you wear weave?
  5. Why are y'all (black people) so loud, ghetto, ratchet?
Sometimes I think when people say these statements, they don't mean to cause offence, and other times I think they just don't care. Either way, I think it is always best to err on the side of caution, when about to make a comment that could be deemed racially insensitive.

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