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27 Feb 2015

#FunFriday: #TheDress

Hi Dolls,
So this question has been floating around in internet-sphere for some time. I think the picture was first posted on Tumblr, but it has since been reposted to Twitter (and can be found using the hashtag #TheDress), Instagram and Facebook also.

I personally see both colours. For me The Dress goes from being black and blue to white and gold if I stare at the image for long enough. During the transition I see the dress as blue and gold too!

This is a picture of the original dress.

Cecilia Bleasdale (left)  in THE dress with newlyweds Grace and Keir Johnston on Colonsay. Picture: Hemedia
Copyright: Hemedia

From left-right Cecilia Bleasdale in The Dress, with newlyweds Grace and Keir Johnston

The videos/sites below may explain why some people see different colours:




If you'd like to buy #TheDress, you can do so here. P.S. Please check out the reviews for this dress on Amazon, they're bloody hilarious. *chuckles*

What colour do you think #TheDress is? Is it blue and black or white and gold?

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