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14 Oct 2015

The Drugstore Beauty Edit

Who says you need to spend a fortune on makeup to get a beat face? I'm pleased to announce that everything on my face cost just under £22.  Just to put that price into perspective my high-end products which are MAC's Studio Fix Fluid foundation retail at £22 and Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up (concealer) at £21 retrospectively.

Black Opal Foundation Stick (Rich Caramel) £7.99 @ Pak Cosmetics*
LA Girl Pro Concealer (Fawn) £3.90 @ Ebay*
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil (Dark Brown-01) £2.99
Maybelline Express Liquid Eyeliner (Black) £4.99
Island Beauty Lipstick (Warm Chocolate) £1.79 @ Jinny's Beauty, Peckham

Grand Total: £21.66

* For shade reference in MAC foundations/concealer I am an NC45.

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6 Oct 2015

6 Month Natural Hair Update

Today marks my 6 month big chop anniversary. On this date 6 months ago, my brother accompanied me to the barbers and I the biggest haircut I've ever had in life. I feel that this journey has been quite an enlightening and educational experience for me. As someone who had relaxed hair for almost a decade, I've had to re-learn and re-discover my super curly natural 3C-4A hair. I've experimented with new products and regimens. Atm, my current hair length goal is for a mid-length afro and to be able to tie my hair back in one.

Clockwise from left-right (April 2015: Big Chop x 2, September 2015: 5.5 months post big-chop)

Now that I've been natural for 6 months, I'd like to give you some words of advice to help those of you who may have recently embarked on your natural hair journey.

1) Don't be a product junkie or jump on all the new crazy hair trends. When I first went natural, I went on all the sites and bought large quantities of new hair products that were recommended for natural hair. The vast majority of these did not work on my hair and ended up being a waste of money, so I would say when trying out new products get sample sizes and try and get product recommendations from people that have the same hair type/characteristics as you e.g. curl pattern, porosity level, thickness etc. 
2) If length is important to you then consider transitioning or only big-chopping once you get to a certain length. Initially when I cut my hair, I was super excited, but now all I want to do is to be able to put my hair is one and I can't. As someone who has always had long hair, I am finding it quite challenging with my hair being at this length. And whilst I am very happy with the health and thickness of my hair, I think I can underestimated how important hair length was to me. If I could go back in time, I probably would have transitioned for a little longer before big chopping!
3)Develop a thick skin. I still have people asking me silly questions about my hair all the time e.g. Why did you cut of all your hair?
Are you a lesbian- is that why you cut your hair?
You literally just need to rise above it. Not everyone will have something nice to say about your hair, but as long as you're happy and comfortable with your new hair, then that's all that counts.

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