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25 Nov 2015

Happy Birthday To Moi!

Yesterday, it was my birthday and as per my usual birthday ritual, I went to MAC to get my makeup done. I also get my hair done earlier on in the day and then later on went to a bar with some of my pals for drinks and food. On Friday I'm going to the spa with some of my girls and on Sat I'm getting treated to a birthday dinner, because you're only 23 once and why have one celebration when you can have three?

Studio Fix Fluid in NC45
Prolongwear concealer in NC35 (This was mixed with a darker liquid to darken it, so in the end I'd say it was more of a NC42)
Sweet As Cocoa used as blusher

Peach Lustre (for under eye glow)
Quite Natural Paint Pot
Bionice Glitter
Redbrick Eyeshadow
Embark Eyeshadow
Carbon Eyeshadow
Stud Brow Pencil

Diva Lipstick (outer corners)
MAC Russian Red (centre)
Concealer was also used right in the centre of my lips to provide a lightening effect

All the products above are from MAC!

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