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22 Oct 2017

#BlackHistoryMonth | Soul of a Nation Exhibition | #LAM

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth
This afternoon I made my way over to the Tate Modern for 'The Soul of a Nation:  'Art in the Age of Black Power' exhibition.  The critically-acclaimed exhibition showcases over 150 pieces of artwork and the pieces were created by Black artists from 1963-1983, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. During this period Black people were fighting for equality, in all institutions and social spheres. These Black heroes and artists sought for their voices to be unsilenced and heard by the masses, despite the whitewashing and force-feeding of Eurocentrism.

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The quest for freedom was not unique to the political sphere but also the art world, and I think you it is clear to see these sentiments echoed in the art. The political masterpiece is very thought provoking, and made me question:

What is art?
What is Black art?
Can art be art just for the sake of it or must it always have purpose?

With themes of Black power, strength, unity, freedom, strength, the exhibition was truly remarkable. Words do not really do the exhibition justice, but for those of you who weren't able to attend, check out the collage and my Insta for a taste of the event!

As always until next time, stay blessed and beautiful dolls. LAM xoxo

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