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8 Oct 2017

#BlackHistoryMonth | Why I don't use Dove products anymore | #LAM

Why don't I use Dove products anymore? I used to be a big fan of Dove products, most especially the soap and lotion due to their fragrance. I was legit obsessed. My holy grail item was the Dove lotion, which was apparently "moisturising" and supposedly good for "dry skin." I always found that it never truly moisturised my skin as my skin still felt dry after using it. It was like after my skin absorbed the cream, my skin still somehow managed to be dry, which seemed mind-boggling for me. Yet still, stupidly I refused to divorce myself from this unhealthy and unfulfilling marriage to my beloved Dove cream.
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In the ad (pictured above) we see a Black woman appear to turn White after using Dove soap. What is Dove trying to imply here?

Why don't I use Dove products anymore? I don't use Dove cream anymore, because I have very sensitive and delicate skin. My skin gets offended easily and I am allergic to their bullsh*t. I can't, don't and won't condone nonsense. 

I'm sorry but do you really mean to tell me that all those execs, PR experts, and marketing team specialists sitting in their boardroom actually OK'd this ad and thought it was acceptable? And yes, I am aware that Dove has slogans like "Beauty for all" and has previously done inclusive beauty campaigns and commercials.  
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But no, this isn't the first time Dove has missed the mark and I can guarantee for as long as we continue to support (either through purchasing Unilever products or being passively silent in these situations) it won't be the last. And yes, I can see they've apologised but sometimes an apology just isn't good enough. But no, I haven't missed the irony of the coincidental timing of this ad's release and the fact that it's #BlackHistoryMonth. Wake up and smell the coffee people.

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However, the fact that they could do something like this shows me they can't come to the cookout. This ad shows me that Dove and its parent brand Unilever don't think highly enough of my skin to consider my thoughts and feelings. I on the other hand, think and care way too highly of my skin to put a product on it that would cause it so much irritation. Therefore, there is no space on my beauty cosmetics table or in my bathroom for them as I have washed my hands off Dove and its parent company Unilever.  

#SayNoToRacism #MySkinMatters #LAM #BHM

In the spirit of #BlackHistoryMonth and the fact that it's #Blogtober I've decided to blog more frequently this month.

*This post has been UPDATED since original posting.


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