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Who is L.A.M. ?

Louise Abena Mensah (LAM) is a woman of many titles. LAM is a Teacher, Freelance Journalist, Writer & Social Scientist. Re:-Journalism, LAM's fields of specialism include beauty & lifestyle (editorial & writing) entertainment and TV/Radio presenting. Re:- Writing, LAM has produced content for various notable companies and organisations in the media industry such as Channel 4, BBC 3, Pride Magazine, Nursing Times. If you would like to comission a piece from LAM, head to the "Contact Info" tab.

LAM has appeared on ITV news in 2011 to discuss the riots and BBC Africa to share her thoughts on colourism.

LAM recognises that breaking into the world of Journalism & Media can be very tough, and because of this has decided to make "Media Work Experience" listings page. Every Sunday the page gets added to from the top downwards.

What is LAM?

LAM is a lifestyle blog and brand. LAM seeks to be an agent of social change through edu-tainment and empowerment. LAM aims to post on a monthly basis. At the moment all content on LAM is produced independently so on some occasions readers may notice that this period can be either extended or shortened dependent on external commitments.

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