Who is L.A.M. ?

Louise Abena Mensah (LAM) is a woman of many titles. LAM is a TV Presenter, Voice Artist, Beauty & Hair Journalist, Lifestyle Blogger, Author, Teacher and Entrepreneur. With regards to Journalism, LAM's fields of specialism include beauty & lifestyle (editorial & writing) entertainment and showbiz (TV presenting).

LAM has produced content for various notable companies and organisations in the media industry such as Channel 4, BBC 3, Pride Magazine, Nursing Times, and Live Magazine.
To see a more detailed breakdown of LAMs vocational experience, please check out her Linkedin profile.  

LAM recognises that breaking into the world of Journalism & Media can be very tough, and because of this has decided to make "Media Work Experience" listings page. Every Sunday the page gets added to from the top downwards.

What is LAM?

LAM is a lifestyle blog targeted towards women of colour. LAM's readers are young adults who enjoy keeping up to date with the latest trends in beauty and/or educating themselves about 'Black History.' Lifestyle on LAM is defined as posts which are Christian-orientated or health-orientated. LAM also regularly features product reviews, fashion snippets, showbiz news, media work experience, and much more.  LAM seeks to post on a monthly basis. At the moment all content on LAM is produced independently so on some occasions readers may notice that this period can be either extended or shortened dependent on external commitments.


#MotivationalMonday: Start your week on a postive note with LAM's motivational quotes.

#TestimonyTuesday: A testimony is your chance to share what the Lord has done for you, or for your family and friends. If you have a testimony you'd like to share, please contact me, and we can work out how to get you featured on the next slot. *Coming Soon*

#ThrowbackThursday: A flashback picture showing past events, e.g. LAM when younger, celebrity babies, or nostalgic 90s events.
#ThriftyThursday: A very affordable piece. Posts can include  OOTD/N (outfit of the day/night), beauty items, food etc.

#BlackFriday: Your chance to find out what's happening in the 'Black' scene, whether that be cultural events/exhibitions, commemorations, or forgotten "Black History" heroes.

#FunFriday: A fun post which can include light-hearted posts on current trending topics or weird and wonderful news.

#SaturdayStyle: Fashion snippets, i.e. outfit ideas, fashion happenings, outfit wishlists e.g. #CurrentlyCoveting etc.

#YAMS (You Are My Sunshine): A christian post; i.e. devotionals, bible study, bible quotes etc.

On some weeks I might post on a Wednesday. Wednesday's posts are not pre-determined and are my Joker card if you like where I get to post anything that is not already covered.